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About Us

ACHEM CONTROLS is a Manufacturer of Industrial Process Control Products.

ACHEM was founded in 1996 in Burlington Ontario Canada and has offices in Canada and the USA.

In 2004 ACHEM merged with ALPHA Controls and formed the A-CHEM GROUP.

ALPHA/A-CHEM is the second largest pneumatic actuator manufacturer in the world.

ALPHA/A-CHEM products are designed specifically to integrate with bus communication controls networking systems.

ALPHA/A-CHEM products are designed to be user friendly and can be used for simple on/off applications, feed back applications or direct manual applications.

The ALPHA/A-CHEM Group provides excellent customer service and product support through immediate availability of large inventories as well as outstanding and quick development capacities to meet challenging applications.

Our Engineering Group provides on going product development and support along with the ability to manufacturing unique control products.

Our Engineering and Product Specialists provide on going support on a daily basis.


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